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he or she

English has no good solution to a singular gender neutral pronoun when it comes to referring to people.  Well it does, but society has deemed the proper grammar solution inappropriate for the modern world.  It is considered by Oxford Dictionary grammatically correct to use words such as “he”, “him”, his” to refer to either a …

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“A man would have written this blog, but they’re too busy making the world work.”

The title of this entry is a quote from a good friend. It was in response to me telling him about this endeavor of mine. He was of course being funny and I laughed hysterically. But it got me thinking. What if he said something like that in front of people that didn’t know him …

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we have liftoff

My whole life I’ve witnessed inequality in the world around me, from mechanics prejudging my knowledge of cars, to my male friends and family members getting passed over for promotions because they don’t represent people with the right parts between their legs. I personally am not a believer in equality in all aspects of life. …

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