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old school vs. new school discrimination

The other day, I was sitting in a small meeting.  In attendance were three male engineers and a male senior director, we’ll call him Bob.  Bob was talking, mostly facing the three engineers, because he was at the whiteboard and it just naturally fell that I was pretty much behind him.  Mid topic he stated, …

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pulling the gender card

I haven’t posted in a little while mostly, because I have been working on a letter to the editor for the Albany Times Union (ATU) .  It all started when I received an email via my RPI alumni distribution list about an editorial the acting vice president for strategic communications and external relations at RPI …

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“A man would have written this blog, but they’re too busy making the world work.”

The title of this entry is a quote from a good friend. It was in response to me telling him about this endeavor of mine. He was of course being funny and I laughed hysterically. But it got me thinking. What if he said something like that in front of people that didn’t know him …

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