women being used….in 2013

I fear posting this for it is a sensitive subject.  I didn’t expect to get into the abortion discussion this early in my blogging, but since I’m sharing my blog on Facebook and Google+, I’m actually perusing the posts again.  A good friend of mine works for Planned Parenthood and shares links on Facebook from the PP FB site from time to time.  Usually I just ignore it, but I clicked due to my heightened awareness of gender discrimination.

Anyway, forget whatever side you take in the abortion debate or how you feel about SB5 for a moment and take a look at this ad along with the text PP posted on FB:

Like never before, people in Texas are standing up to demand that politicians respect women’s ability to make our own personal medical decisions, and the whole country is watching. Thank you Senator Wendy R. Davis for standing strong for women’s health in Texas. Rest assured that we stand right by your side. Clear Eyes. Full Hearts! #StandWithWendy

Where to begin?

1. “Stand with Texas Women”

So are you saying, PP, that if you don’t support abortion you don’t support women?  I just want to be clear on that, because your ad is implying that…at least to people who bother to look up SB5.

2. “Clear Eyes. Full Hearts!”

I don’t even know what to say about this.  I suppose it’s trying to say, “open your eyes and be compassionate.”  Or in more succinct terms, “be logical and feel.”  For anyone who has ever read Atlas Shrugged and truly understood it, you see the oxymoron happening here.

3. “We got your back, Wendy!”

I should let this one go, but I can’t.  Seriously?  You can’t even use correct grammar?  Ok, ok, I can understand foregoing grammar for the sake of impact, but this isn’t some rogue blog on WordPress.  It just clearly conflicts with the whole “Clear Eyes” statement.  Informed and educated people don’t talk ghetto when presenting their arguments in public.

4. This ad never mentions the word abortion

Enough said.


Since when is having a baby bad for your health?  Getting pregnant isn’t something you just catch or are born with or develops depending on your genetic structure.  It’s not even an STD.  You have 100% control over getting pregnant.

I’m not claiming to be an expert on this subject.  I know very little about Wendy or her work, or SB5 for that matter.  I only did minimal research.  But I’m disappointed by the advertising and I don’t need to be an expert on the subject to recognize why this advertising is exercising gender discrimination.  You are being manipulated.  Women are being used to push a political agenda.  They are playing on female stereotypes to get your vote and to get your money.  Don’t let them use you.  Think for yourself.

And yes, this happens all over politics… I don’t care what side you’re on.  But when it comes to abortion and birth control, gender stereotypes are more intertwined with the argument for obvious reasons.


June 26, 2013:  

Three updates given a conversation I had about this post:

  1. on #2, I learned the statement is a quote from Friday Night Lights.  It’s a chant the football team uses to get pumped up.  Still looking for a link on what the words are specifically intending to convey…
  2. on #5, you do not in fact have 100% control over getting pregnant.  Women who are raped and get pregnant do not have a choice.  I still do not believe that this makes pregnancy suddenly a health problem.  Yes, some women have complications due to pregnancy.  Some women have health problems from taking birth control.  Anytime you change something about your body, you could potentially trigger a health problem.  There are risks with being pregnant and there are risks with having an abortion.  The risks are higher and lower depending on the individual.  I think it’s important to note that I do not consider ending an unborn baby’s life because it’s killing the mother abortion.  This is analogous to a doctor having to choose between two patients at the site of a car accident because he only has time to treat one, or having to kill off one half of a conjoined twin because they will both die if you do not.   Sometimes you have to choose having one survivor over none.  Hopefully this makes it clearer on why I do not believe abortion is a health issue.
  3. In general, please be aware I was not intending to comment on aspects of SB5.  If you are interested in knowing more about SB5 or Planned Parenthood, please do your research.  The purpose of this blog in general is to highlight gender biases although I know this will often bleed into other subjects as it did with this post.


  1. Speaking the truth while ignoring “political correctness” takes courage. Our country is in bad shape and I believe our biggest problems can be tied to our legal abortion practices. Behind the liberal mask of “protecting woman,” significantly more female children are murdered because boys are preferred; girls as young as 13 can purchase dangerous abortion drugs or have the risky abortion procedure without parental consent; and uneducated, mostly minority, women are talked into abortions without understanding what they consented to. This is all suppose to be protecting women? Thank you, Laura, for your courage.


  2. Hey, what about men? Don’t they have any rights in this?

    It seems like whenever the embryo or fetus transitions from being just a clump of cells to being human child the father should acquire parental rights.

    Likewise, assuming the transition occurs sometime after fertilization, and given that once the transition occurs the father also has parental responsibilities, shouldn’t the father have some say?

    Labeling abortion as a purely medical issue obscures the fact that it is often, possibly usually, used as a last-minute means of avoiding the acquisition of some very large, long term rights and responsibilities. Rights and responsibilities that are in theory, although not always in practice, shared with the father. Consequently treating abortion as a purely medical issues allows a woman to unilaterally make a decision with long term consequences for both her and the father while providing a ready made means of vilifying the father should he express any displeasure in her choice.


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