we have liftoff

My whole life I’ve witnessed inequality in the world around me, from mechanics prejudging my knowledge of cars, to my male friends and family members getting passed over for promotions because they don’t represent people with the right parts between their legs. I personally am not a believer in equality in all aspects of life. I don’t think it makes sense. I do believe in logic, objective thought, and balance. I also believe that just because something isn’t fair we have to accept it. That is why I’m starting this blog.

The world has gone nuts with equal rights to the point of overcompensating. There are many categories of this, but this blog will focus on gender. I will provide a place where men can have a voice without the fear of being ostracized. I will provide examples of inequality in favor of women. I will show how this treatment is actually a detriment to women. I will use this forum to collect objective data. Finally, I will use this as a place to vent.

I encourage any and all readers to keep me honest and factual and to laugh out loud.



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